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Steampunk costumes feature the styles and aesthetics borrowed from the English Victorian and Edwardian time periods. Steampunk costumes can resemble the gentry or the common man or woman from these eras, with hats, shirts, pants, dresses and footwear suitable for this look. Traditionally, steampunk costumes have been popular at cosplay events, however, steampunk is now bridging the gap to mainstream culture, and certain styles are becoming common in everyday wear. Steampunk clothing continues to influence modern fashion, and it is expected to climb in prominence and popularity as the genre becomes better known. Steampunk goggles Commonly featured in steampunk fiction, brass goggles are a definitive item for this genre. These goggles, which often feature a leather harness, brass lens holders and thick optics designed to enhance or protect eyesight, are a hot item among steampunk fans.

Steampunk Watches and Timepieces Faithful to the steampunk genre, timepieces are a prominent accessory, featured in many works of steampunk fiction. Perfectly fitting in with the Victorian era look, watches and pocket watches, with brass exteriors and visible mechanics, like elaborate and intricate gears and switches, are essential possessions for any steampunk fan.

What is Steampunk?

Steampunk is a genre of fantasy fiction that is set in an alternate history during the Victoria and Edwardian era in England. Steampunk is known for its unique clothing fashion, which features European Goth and American western influences. In addition to steam punk clothing, accessories, like timepieces, goggles and mechanical gadgets, are frequently portrayed by characters of this genre. Technology from this fantasy world is limited to non-electric and non-gas powered devices. As such, machines, such as analog computers, airships, locomotives and other grand inventions, utilize the mechanics of gears, levers, switches and buttons al powered by steam or some unexplained means of power. Steampunk has been popularized in films, books, anime and manga, and continues to penetrate mainstream culture.